Services for Research and Industry

CGC Instruments develops new devices or complete measurement setups according to customer requirements and fits the already developed equipment to the particular customer demands.

Solar-Wind Data

Research and Development

  • Precision analog and digital electronics
  • Electrodynamic traps, quadrupole traps for micro- and nanoparticles
  • Single-ion detection, particle detection with electron-multipliers
  • Mass spectroscopy and optical spectroscopy, laser technique
  • Electron, ion and light optics
  • Ultra-high-vacuum and cryogenic technology
Particle motion in octupole

Analyzes and simulations

  • Analyses of measurement systems and detailed simulations
  • Preliminary investigations for new projects
  • Development of algorithms for data processing
  • Development of new measurement methods
LabVIEW Application

Software Development

  • Development of programs in C, C++, LabVIEW
  • Programming of microcontrollers
  • Design of FPGAs
  • Design of digital filters and controllers
Analog Switch/Multiplexer
Double Precision Power Supply

Development and manufacturing of custom electronic appliances

The construction of a new instrument begins with a cost-free consultation. We analyze the experimental requirements and propose an appropriate solution. The practical implementation of the project is based on our experience in development and construction of electronic devices. Our instruments often include innovative circuits, which constantly push the limit of what is technically feasible.
  • Precise power supplies and AF/RF generators
  • Low-noise amplifiers
  • Digital signal processing units
Vacuum hardware for quadrupole mass filter

Design and manufacturing of measurement equipment or setup components

We provide for our customers complex hardware systems that are exactly tailored to the experimental needs.
  • Electrode systems for ion traps and ion guides, electron and ion optics
  • Vacuum systems, gas inlet systems
  • Complete custom measurement setups
Phase Controller

Power supply units, control electronics, and computer-aided measuring systems for industrial applications

  • Custom power supply units and signal sources
  • Control and data processing units
  • Modules for remote control and data acquisition
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