CGC Instruments

Scientific Instrument Design, Services for Research and Industry

We have been working for more than one decade on research and development of precise analog and digital technique that is worldwide used in research institutes, universities, and also in satellites. Our products are used wherever accuracy and reliability is required, especially in harsh environments such as low pressure, extreme temperatures, or high radiation doses. In addition to electronic instruments, we build hardware for ion traps or other experiments in physics and natural sciences. Our work also extends to other areas such as medicine, where innovative solutions are required. Our industry partners appreciate the products we develop, CGC Instruments stands for innovative solutions, high quality and reliability.

Position-Sensitive Detector


  • Supply and control of electrodynamic traps
  • Control of piezoelectric actuators
  • Optoelectronic systems
  • Computer Aided Measuring Systems
Laboratory Setups

Services and Consulting

  • Complex and multidisciplinary consultancy
  • Research, development, and manufacturing of customized electronic devices
  • Design and manufacturing of measurement setups or laboratory equipment
Solar Orbiter, © ESA

Space and Research Projects

  • Research on the Sun
  • Research on the Earth's atmosphere
  • Research projects in medical fields