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Diagram of an ion trap

Electrodynamic Traps

  • Hardware for ion traps, ion guides and mass spectrometers
  • Electron and ion optics
Optoelectronic Damping System

Optoelectronic Systems

  • Highly sensitive optoelectronic position detectors
  • Low-noise preamplifiers for photodiodes
  • Laser diode drivers
Amplifier used for scanning probe microscopy (SPM)

Piezoelectric Actuators

  • Precision amplifiers for SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy)
  • Amplifiers for power applications
Solar wind data measured by BMSW

Particle Detection

  • Ion detection in traps
  • Particle detection in space
Diagram of computer control and data acquisition for electrodynamic traps

Computer Measurement

  • Modular data acquisition and experiment control
  • Signal processing units
  • Measuring modules with USB or Ethernet interfaces