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Development Services

Design and Manufacture of Custom Devices and Setups

Do you want to spend more time on actual science and less time on the technology it requires?

Thanks to our expertise in physics, electronics, mathematics and computer science, we provide complex multidisciplinary solutions so you can focus on your main objective — your research. Not only will you spend less time and effort on development, but our highly precise devices can also help you achieve more accurate research results.

With our custom-made solutions, we work with you from the first concept all the way to the implementation and set new standards for what is technically possible. We support you during all stages of R&D — from experiment and equipment design to data collection and analysis. To find out how you can benefit from our many years of experience in designing physical-chemical equipment and electronic laboratory devices, contact us now for a free consultation.

#Device Development

Because of our close collaboration with research institutes and our own background in science, we know that every application comes with its own specific requirements for which a suitable device has often not yet been invented. For this reason, we work with you to develop entirely new devices or modify our existing products to meet your demands.
CAD drawing of a signal switch AMXR
To find the optimal solution for you, we begin the development of a new instrument with a comprehensive assessment of your requirements.
We then design, manufacture and extensively test the device to ensure that it meets the highest standards of precision, quality and reliability.
Feel free to contact us to learn what solution we recommend for your application.

#All-in-One Solutions

In scientific experiments, it is often crucial that several devices work together seamlessly, which is why we develop not only individual instruments, but also setup components or complete measurement setups for various applications.
Vacuum system for ion trap
We produce complex hardware sytems which are specifically tailored to your experimental requirements, such as:
  • Power supply units and signal sources
  • Electrode systems for ion traps and ion guides, electron and ion optics
  • Vacuum systems, gas inlet systems
  • Control and data acquisition modules
Contact us for a consultation if you are interested in our system solutions.

#Consultation and Analyses

We provide extensive support during all phases of your research — not only in desiging and producing the devices, but also in data acquisition and analysis.
Solar wind data measured by BMSW
Analyses and Simulations, e.g.:
  • Preliminary examinations for new projects
  • Development of algorithms for data processing
  • Development of new measurement methods
  • Analyses of the measurement systems and detailed simulations
Software Development, e.g.:
  • Development of programs (C, C++, LabVIEW, …)
  • Programming of microcontrollers
  • Design of FPGAs
  • Design of digital filters and controllers