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Computer-Controlled Measurement Systems

#Modular Data Acquisition and Experiment Control

Modular system with numerous measuring cards for acquiring data and controlling setups; the system can always be expanded and self-built cards can be used
Modular data acquisition system DAS, consisting of a base unit that can be equipped with a variety of measuring cards
  • DAS: Modular data acquisition system

#Signal Processing Units

Modules with analog/digital and digital/analog converters, as well as FPGAs and microcontrollers for digital signal processing
Optoelectronic coordinate decoder for 2D position-sensitive detectors for the modular data acquisition system DAS
  • DAS-DCD-2: Optoelectronic coordinate decoder for the DAS for 2D position-sensitive detectors
  • DAS-DMP-2: Electrodynamic damping controller for the DAS with two channels
  • DAS-CNT-2: Two-channel counter for the DAS (low-pass filter with frequency measurement)
  • DAQ-GNCT: Control unit for particle sources