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Power Supplies

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Power Supply Units (19"-PSU, HV-PSU-RCP)

These linear power supply units generate highly stable output voltages which are continuously adjustable between 0 and nominal voltage.


  • In combination with power switches: supply of quadrupole traps and other ion traps and guides
  • In combination with power amplifiers or RF generators: supply of capacitive loads such as piezoelectric actuators or quadrupole mass analzyers


  • Output voltages: up to 500 V
  • 19" case
  • Several independent power supply units combined into one device
  • Remote-controllable
Power supply unit 19"-PSU-B-2.150

Power Supply Units (Series 19"-PSU)

  • Configuration only possible during production
  • Can generate symmetrical output voltages
Modular power supply unit HV-PSU300-5RCP

Modular Power Supply Units (Series HV-PSU-RCP)

  • Up to 5 separate PSU modules
  • Configuration can be modified by the user at any time
  • Additional modules available for specialized applications

Open-Frame Modules (OF-PSU, OF-PSU-B)

These linear precision power supply modules provide highly stable voltages in a range of several hundred Volts. The output voltage can be set to a value between 0 and nominal voltage by a 25-turn potentiometer.


  • Power supply for APEX amplifiers such as PA94, PA95, and PA97
  • Power supply for piezo controllers
  • Power supply for electron and ion sources
  • Power supply for tube amplifiers


  • Output voltages: up to about 600 V
  • Output power: 45 W per output
  • Output ripple and noise voltage: < 1 ppm
  • Electronically limited current, surge protection, short-circuit protection
Unipolar open-frame PSU module OF-PSU-150

Unipolar Open-Frame Modules (Series OF-PSU)

  • Open Frame: devices can be built into any suitable case
  • One variable output voltage
Bipolar open-frame PSU module OF-PSU-B-250

Bipolar Open-Frame Modules (Series OF-PSU-B)

  • Open Frame: devices can be built into any suitable case
  • Two symmetrical variable output voltages

19" Plug-In Modules

These linear power supplies in the form of 19" plug-in modules were originally developed for the modular radio frequency generator RFG-M and the modular data acquisition system DAS. However, they can also be used for other custom applications.
Power supply module PSU±5±15-1

19" Plug-In Modules

  • PSU modules for modular 19" devices
  • Supply other modules with one or more fixed voltage(s)

Specialized and Combined Devices

Programmable Voltage Source 19-HV-SMPS2+HV-AMP2+1+1
Programmable high-voltage power supply unit