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Precision Electronics for Science and Research

We believe that all scientists share a passion for new and exciting discoveries, but not everyone is as passionate about developing the technology that makes those discoveries possible.

CGC Instruments was founded in 2003 by physicists who enjoy designing scientific instruments to help researchers who do not. We develop and manufacture customer-specific analog and digital devices, including complete setups and small-scale series, so you have more time for your research and better equipment for more accurate results.

Thanks to our background in science, we understand the applications our devices are being used for and the specific requirements and challenges that come with those applications.

Combining this knowledge with 20 years of experience in developing electronics for more than 100 customers, we produce specialized, highly precise devices that can operate under extreme conditions including pressures down to UHV, extreme temperatures, or high radiation doses.

Our instruments often contain innovative circuits which constantly push the limits of what is technically feasible. They are used all over the world — in research institutes, universities, and spacecraft.
Our areas of expertise:
  • Electrodynamic traps, quadrupole traps for micro- and nanoparticles
  • Single-ion detection, particle detection with electron multipliers
  • Mass spectroscopy and optical spectroscopy, laser technology
  • Electron, ion, and light optics
  • Ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic technology

If you want to know how your research project might benefit from our products and services, contact us to learn more about working with us.

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