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News: 2023

Power supply unit PSUR with 1kV modules
May 2023

New: Modular High-Voltage Power Supply Units PSUR

Our highly precise power supplies PSUR combine several independent high-voltage power supply units in a single device. The power supply modules with an output ripple and noise of approx. 2 ppm can be used individually or connected in series so that output voltages up to 4 kV can be reached.

March 2023

Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary

CGC Instruments is 20 years old! We sincerely thank everyone who has helped make this possible. Thanks to you, we have constantly expanded our range of products and services and have become established on the global market as developers and manufacturers of precision electronics.

A lot has happened in the past two decades. We are especially proud of our successful contributions to research both in laboratories and in space, but also of major technological advancements. Here are some highlights from our past and present activities:
  • From 2011 to 2019, our measurement technology provided solar wind data with previously unachievable temporal resolution and outstanding precision for our partners in the BMSW experiment.
  • Thanks to its extremely low noise, our 5-channel signal amplifier has been in use in scanning probe microscopy (SPM) for many years now.
  • Our power switches are opening up new dimensions in digital ion trap (DIT) technology with previously unattainable frequency ranges.
  • With growing interest in our systems solutions, we have begun to expand our production of functional groups and complete measurement setups.

All of these developments would not be possible without the dedication and creativity of our team. Only their multidisciplinary knowledge and their proactive commitment allow us to ensure the exceptional quality of our products.

And last but not least, we of course want to thank you — our customers. Your long-term trust has made the growth of our company and the development of many novel prototypes possible in the first place. We are excited for more productive collaborations and look forward to staying your partners for development and production at the limits of what is technically feasible.