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Radio Frequency Generators

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Our RF generators are an ideal solution for supplying ion traps or guides with a fixed radio frequency (RF). They can also be used in high-resolution mass-selective systems using linear quadrupoles.

The devices are easy to use — they do not require a matching coupling unit since they supply the load directly via two coaxial cables. In addition to the fixed-frequency operating mode, they also have an autotuning function, i.e. they automatically run at the optimum operating frequency given by the resonance of the output circuit. You therefore do not need to readjust your RF supply system when the ion trap is cooled down to cryogenic temperatures or changes its properties for any other reason.


  • Supply of multipoles (ion traps and ion guides)
  • Driving high-resolution quadrupole mass analyzers
Key features:
Frequencies 0.1–10 MHz
Output powers 50–300 W
Coupling unit None required
Frequency tuning Manual or autotuning

#Changeable Output Frequency


  • Modular design
  • Output frequency can be changed by exchanging power stages
    (For continuously variable output frequencies, we recommend our power switches.)
Modular radio frequency generator RFG-M

Modular RF Generator (RFG-M)

  • Frequencies: Exchangeable, 0.1–10 MHz
  • Output power: 50 W
  • Output voltage amplitude: 0–500 V typ.
  • Electromagnetically sealed 19" case