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Supply and Control of Electrodynamic Traps

CGC Instruments has many years of experience in developing hardware for ion traps, mass spectrometers, electron and ion optics, as well as electronic devices for controlling these systems.
Many of our products, including switches, (pre-)amplifiers, generators, power supplies, and counter or timer modules for our modular DAQ system, were specifically designed for applications such as:
  • Ion traps
  • Traps for nano- or microparticles
  • Quadrupole mass filters
  • Ion guides
  • Mass-selected ion deposition
  • Electrospray ion sources
If desired, we will calculate the operating parameters required for your trap or ion guide. Simply contact us with the necessary details — your multipole type and dimensions, the mass range of the ions or particles, as well as their transverse kinetic temperature / energy.

Ion storage apparatus AF-RF supply Detector Vacuum hardware Electrode control DC supply DAQ
Ion storage apparatus AF-RF supply Detector Vacuum hardware Electrode control DC supply DAQ

#Digital Supply of Multipoles (DITs)

Power analog switches with high isolation voltages for traps with large bias potentials, Trilevel option for field-free phases
Single power switch for voltages up to 700V with extra fast driver, internal pulse generator and liquid-cooled heat sink — three-level switch

#Audio-Frequency (AF) Supply of Multipoles

Ultra-precision amplifiers for accurate measurements of the specific charge of trapped particles and for cooling and positioning of particles
Quadrupole power supply for 3D quadrupole traps, 3×400V, for supply of the trap, precise measurements of specific charge or electrical cooling of stored particles
  • HV-AMP400FN-4+400-D: Fast high-voltage waveform generator for driving quadrupole traps
  • QPS400-3: Quadrupole power supply for 3D quadrupole traps, 3× 400 V

#Radio-Frequency (RF) Supply of Multipoles

Supply of multipole ion traps or guides and specialized generators for driving high-resolution quadrupole mass analyzers
Fully customized radio frequency generators (50W, fixed output frequency up to 10MHz)
  • RFG50: Fully customized radio frequency generators (50 W, up to 10 MHz)
  • RFG-M: Modular radio frequency generator
  • RFG300-DLU: Digitally controlled radio frequency generators for quadrupole mass analyzers, 300 W maximum

#Direct-Current (DC) Supply of Electrodes

Amplifiers capable of sinking and sourcing currents independently of the output voltage polarity so that ion or electron currents on the driven electrode do not influence its voltage
Variable amplifier 4×200V for quadrupole mass analyzers and electrostatic lenses/deflection systems
  • HV-AMP200-5D: High-voltage bipolar power supply / amplifier, 5 channels, ±200 V
  • HV-AMP200-4DS: High-voltage bipolar power supply / amplifier with a high-sensitivity current sensor, 4 channels, ±200 V
  • HV-AMP200-4: Variable amplifier 4×200 V
  • HV-AMP200N-1: Precise amplifier ±200 V

#Pulse Generation (Control of Entry and Exit Lenses)

Analog switches for generating fast pulsed voltages with various pulse shapes, e.g. for entry and exit electrodes of ion traps
Quadruple signal switch for voltages up to 500V with active cooling

#Data Acquisition and Experiment Control

Modular data acquisition system DAS, consisting of a base unit that can be equipped with a variety of measuring cards
  • Pulse Generators / Sequencers SQC: Pulse generators / sequencers in a Eurotainer or 19" case for experiment control and digital signal acquisition
  • DAS: Modular data acquisition system with various modules for digital signal processing or generation
Pulse Generation (Control of Entry and Exit Lenses): Ion Detection:

#Vacuum Hardware

Customer-specific vacuum components and PCBs
Quadrupole rod system with RF and DC supply
  • Electrode systems for ion traps, guides, and funnels
  • Rod systems for quadrupole mass analyzers
  • Electron and ion optics for focussing and extracting
  • Customer-specific RC filters for DC potentials, coupling RF voltages, and acceleration fields

#Ion Detection

High-voltage bipolar power supply/amplifier with a high-sensitivity current sensor, 4 channels, ±200V, for quadrupole mass analyzers and monitoring ion or electron beams
  • Sensitive preamplifiers for current measurements in the sub-pA range
  • Counter modules for particle detectors

Particle Detection »

#Optoelectronic Systems

Optoelectronic Systems
  • Signal filters for cooling trapped particles
  • Low-noise preamplifiers for photodiodes and photomultipliers

Optoelectronic Systems »