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Particle Detection

#Ion Detection in Traps

Sensitive preamplifiers for current measurements in the sub-pA range and counter modules for particle detectors
High-voltage bipolar power supply/amplifier with a high-sensitivity current sensor, 4 channels, ±200V, for quadrupole mass analyzers and monitoring ion or electron beams
  • HV-AMP200-4DS: High-voltage bipolar power supply / amplifier with a high-sensitivity current sensor, 4 channels, ±200 V
  • Power supplies for PIN diodes or photo-electron multipliers
  • Counting modules and power supplies for photomultipliers (PMT), microchannel plates (MCPs), and electron multipliers (channeltrons)

#Particle Detection in Space

Solar wind measurement on the satellite Spektr-R
  • Solar wind detection
  • Low-noise preamplifiers for Faraday cups with sensitivity down to the fA range

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#Data Acquisition

Modular data acquisition system with counter modules for ion detection
Modular data acquisition system DAS, consisting of a base unit that can be equipped with a variety of measuring cards
  • DAS: Modular data acquisition system