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Particle Detection

Ion Detection in Traps

Sensitive preamplifiers for current measurements in the sub-pA range and counter modules for particle detectors
High-voltage bipolar power supply/amplifier with a high-sensitivity current sensor, 4 channels, ±200V, for quadrupole mass analyzers and monitoring ion or electron beams
  • HV-AMP200-4DS: High-voltage bipolar power supply / amplifier with a high-sensitivity current sensor, 4 channels, ±200 V
  • Power supplies for PIN diodes or photo-electron multipliers
  • Counting modules and power supplies for photomultipliers (PMT), microchannel plates (MCPs), and electron multipliers (channeltrons)

Particle Detection in Space

Solar wind measurement on the satellite Spektr-R
  • Solar wind detection
  • Low-noise preamplifiers for Faraday cups with sensitivity down to the fA range

Space Projects

Data Acquisition

Modular data acquisition system with counter modules for ion detection
Modular data acquisition system DAS, consisting of a base unit that can be equipped with a variety of measuring cards
  • DAS: Modular data acquisition system