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Modular signal switch AMXR with digital I/Os


  • Fast pulsed voltages with switching times as low as a few ns
  • Typical operating voltages: up to 1.5 kV
  • Applications: Ion traps and DITs, ion optics, piezoelectric and electromagnetic valves, small motors
Modular radio frequency generator RFG-M

RF Generators

  • Output frequencies: 0.1–10 MHz
  • Output powers: 50–300 W
  • Coupling unit: None required
  • Frequency tuning: Manual or autotuning
  • Applications: Radio frequency supply of multipoles
Modular power supply unit HV-PSU300-5RCP

Power Supplies

  • Excellent residual ripple and noise of typically 1 ppm
  • Output voltages: up to 500 V
  • Applications: Supply of ion sources and traps, piezoelectric actuators, and other electronic devices
Power amplifier HV-PA500-2


  • Signal amplifiers with output voltages in the range of several 100 V
  • Power amplifiers with output powers up to 1 kVA and voltages up to 1 kV
  • Applications: Piezoelectric actuators, particle traps, cooling and positioning of particles
Pulse generator / sequencer SQCT-16D

Experiment Control

  • Signal generation and detection
  • Measurement and data acquisition
  • Interfaces
Digital stepper motor controller DSMC300-1

Other Devices

  • Digital stepper motor controller
BNC cable and adapters


  • Coaxial cables: BNC, SHV, MHV, and combinations
  • Cable adapters
  • Interface cables: USB, I²C, LPT