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#Company Profile

CGC-Poster.pdf CGC-Poster.pdf, 7605 KB: UK flag Poster: Company profile (2017)

#Products and Applications

Flyer-Traps.pdf Flyer-Traps.pdf, 1650 KB: UK flag Flyer: Supply and control of electrodynamic traps (2017)
Flyer-Computer_Piezo_Opto.pdf Flyer-Computer_Piezo_Opto.pdf, 896.0 KB: UK flag Flyer: Computer measurements, piezoelectric actuators, optoelectronic systems (2017)
Infoblatt_OF-PSU.pdf Infoblatt_OF-PSU.pdf, 78.3 KB: German flag Fact sheet: Precision power supplies OF-PSU and OF-PSU-B (2006)


Preprint.pdf Preprint.pdf, 647.7 KB: UK flag Preprint of the Rev. Sci. Instrum. paper Compact Radio-Frequency Power Supply for Ion and Particle Guides and Traps (2005)
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