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Research Projects

Research Projects: Medical Research

Control Electronics for Non-Invasive Diagnostics


EU Logo FORCE - Imaging the Force of Cancer is a Horizon 2020 project which aims to measure forces on cancer tumors such as the interstitial fluid pressure. They are thought to indicate whether cancer therapy is working and how likely it is for the cancer to spread. A novel method for measuring these forces non-invasively in vivo, Magnetic Resonance Force (MRF) Imaging, is being developed, with CGC Instruments designing the MRF electronics.

#CCE (Computer-Controlled Elastography)

Computer-Controlled Elastography
As a part of this collaborative project with the Elastography Group of the Charité Berlin, power amplifiers with integrated waveform generators made by CGC Instruments are used in novel MRI experiments. These power amplifiers with output powers up to 500 VA control electromechanical transducers with piezoelectric actuators that generate acoustic waves in the examined tissue. The wave dispersion patterns recorded by MRI can be used for noninvasive diagnosis of numerous organs.