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Triple Analog Switch NIM-AMX500-3
Universal Digitally Controlled Triple Analog Switch/Multiplexer for Voltages up to 500 V

This product has been discontinued. Equivalent products from our current product range can be found here: Signal Switches

NIM-AMX500-3 (Triple Analog Switch 500 V)
The module is equipped with three identical digitally-controlled, electronic analog switches. The function of each switch corresponds to a conventional electromechanical relay. The switching times lie, however, in the nanosecond range and the digital control inputs have high impedance. Similarly to an electromechanical relay, the control inputs are galvanically insulated from the signal lines.
Typical Applications:
  • Drivers of electromagnetic and piezoelectric valves
  • Modulation of electron and ion sources, of electron and ion guides
  • Motor drivers

Technical Data


  • Three independent, digital controlled, galvanically insulated electronic analog switches

Control Input (Socket In)

  • TTL compatible, optionally 5V-CMOS compatible
  • Input impedance: 47 kOhm (pull-up resistor)


  • Switchable voltage: max. 500 V
  • Continuous current: max. 0.35 A, peak current: max. 10 A
  • Switch resistance: 10..15 Ohm
  • Upon request: switches for different voltages and currents

Dynamic Parameters (Socket Com)

  • Rising and falling edge: < 50 ns, 20 ns typ.
  • Time delay between the control and the output signal: 200-600 ns
  • Jitter (short-time stability): < 10 ns

Power Supply

  • 230V / 50 Hz via a line cord, optionally via the NIM system connector (required terminals: +12V and 110V~)


  • Case: NIM plug-in unit 1/12
  • Weight: 1.2 kg

Equivalent Circuit of Each Channel

Equivalent Circuit


User Manual

Beschreibung-2.30_A.pdf Beschreibung-2.30_A.pdf, 863.5 KB: Instruction manual (currently only available in German)
Older versions
Beschreibung-2.20_A.pdf Beschreibung-2.20_A.pdf, 765.9 KB
Beschreibung-2.00_3.pdf Beschreibung-2.00_3.pdf, 766.4 KB
Beschreibung-2.00_2.pdf Beschreibung-2.00_2.pdf, 703.0 KB
Beschreibung-2.00_1.pdf Beschreibung-2.00_1.pdf, 640.7 KB
Beschreibung-2.00_0.pdf Beschreibung-2.00_0.pdf, 640.5 KB
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