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Modular HV Power Supply Units PSUR
Power Supplies

Modular High-Voltage Power Supply Units PSUR

Precision Power Supply Units with a Residual Ripple and Noise of ca. 2 ppm

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These manually controlled power supplies combine several high-voltage power supply units in a single device. The modular design allows for adding or replacing components later.

The base unit in a 19" case can be equipped with up to 8 power supply and rectifier modules for a specified voltage. Because the power supply modules are completely independent, each one has a separate rectifier.

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Component Types

Base Units (Modular HV Power Supply Units PSUR)
Base Units
Power Supply Modules (Modular HV Power Supply Units PSUR)
Power Supply Modules
Rectifier Modules (Modular HV Power Supply Units PSUR)
Rectifier Modules


1 kV Components (Modular HV Power Supply Units PSUR)
1 kV
Components for Custom Voltages (Modular HV Power Supply Units PSUR)
Custom Voltages