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RF Generators

RF Generators RFG300-DLU

Digitally Controlled Radio Frequency Generators for Quadrupole Mass Analyzers, 300 W Maximum

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These RF generators were designed to drive quadrupole mass analyzers (QMS). The frequency of the output voltage is fixed according to the customer's specifications.

The controller module of the device controls and monitors the generator and its power supply. Two variable capacitors are available for manual fine-tuning of the frequency and the symmetry.

The frequency can be adjusted manually or automatically. With manual frequency tuning, the device keeps the set frequency constant. The RF amplitude and the DC offset for a specific mass therefore stay constant.

With automatic frequency tuning, the device finds the resonance frequency and automatically adjusts the operating frequency in case of fluctuations caused by external influences such as temperature changes. The device also measures the current operating frequency. Based on this, the required RF amplitude is set and the corresponding DC offset can be determined and set in the external voltage source.
Key features:
Frequencies 0.1–10 MHz
Output power 300 W
Amplitude control Automatic

#Technical Data

  • Radio frequency generator with digital control
  • Output frequency: according to customer specifications
    • Available frequencies: 0.1–10 MHz
    • Calibrated for the quadrupole or another electrode system
  • Max. output power: ca. 300 W (adjustable via the supply voltage of the power stage)
  • RF outputs: 2 SHV sockets
  • Bias inputs: 2 MHV sockets
  • Control of the RF amplitude: digital with 12 bits
  • RF amplitude measurement: 2 channels with 16 bits each
  • Monitoring:
    • Power supply of the RF power stage
    • Peak voltage of the RF power stage
    • Temperature
  • Fine-tuning of the output frequency and the symmetry: 2 rotary capacitors on the rear panel
  • Control: externally via USB/Ethernet or manually via rotary encoder
  • HMI: LCD with 128×68 pixels, keypad, and rotary encoder
  • Interlock loop: BNC socket on the rear panel
  • Metallic 19" case, width: 84 HP (428 mm), height: 3 U (132.5 mm), depth: 400 mm
  • Active cooling with fans on the front and rear panels

#Example Configurations

  • RFG300-3M-DLU: Output frequency 3 MHz



Further user manuals, software, and firmware can be downloaded here: RFG-300W-CTRL


Further software and drivers can be downloaded here: Serial Windows Utilities

Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.

#Additional Information


Controller module for radio frequency generators for quadrupole analyzers

Shipment Contents

  • RF generator RFG300-DLU
  • Line cord (universal IEC mains lead, length 1.8 m)
  • 19" rack mounting hardware (set of 4 screws, caged nuts, and washers)
  • Control and diagnostic software (see above)
  • User manuals (see above)


Output cable
Customer-specific output cable with an Amphenol connector MS3102R14S-6S
Coaxial cables
BNC, SHV, MHV, and combinations (BNC cable for the interlock connection)
USB cable, A plug to B plug, various lengths
Interface card
USB 2.0 interface card
  • LAN cable
  • Ethernet switch
(Not part of the shipment, please order separately)