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RF Generators

Radio Frequency Generators RFG50

Fully Customized Radio Frequency Generators (50 W, up to 10 MHz)

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The radio frequency generators RFG50 are manufactured according to the customer's specifications. Each device is individually calibrated for the capacitance of the load and the cables, the attainable amplitude varies accordingly. The mechanical design and the electrical wiring are adjusted to the specific requirements as well.

The frequency of the output voltage is fixed according to the customer's specifications. The amplitude of the output voltage is controlled by an external DC supply.

These devices are the third generation of our RF generators, a further development of the original design published in Rev. Sci. Instrum. (see below). The generators are controlled by an FPGA and can be equipped with a precise amplitude measurement (option A) and/or a remote control (option R) enabling detailed monitoring of the operating parameters.

A special interface (Device-Link) can be used to connect the generator to an adjustable power supply unit or an ion detector to synchronize them in mass-selective systems.
Key features:
Frequencies 0.1–10 MHz
Output power 50 W
Output voltage amplitude 0.5–1 kV


If desired, we will calculate the operating parameters required for your trap or ion guide. Simply contact us with the necessary details — your multipole type and dimensions, the mass range of the ions or particles, as well as their transverse kinetic temperature / energy.

Typical Output Values

  • Available frequencies: 0.1–10 MHz
  • Output power: up to 50 W
  • Output voltage amplitude: up to ca. 1 kV, 500 V typ.

DC Bias Options

  • Standard: DC bias input specified for voltages up to 50 V (connector: BNC)
  • Option B500: DC bias input specified for voltages up to 500 V (connector: SHV, MHV upon request)
  • Option B1k: DC bias input specified for voltages up to 1 kV (connector: SHV, MHV upon request)
  • Options 2B: Two DC bias inputs — each RF output can be controlled individually
    Specifications equivalent to single DC bias inputs (see above):
    • Option 2B: up to 50 V
    • Option 2B500: up to 500 V
    • Option 2B1k: up to 1 kV

Add-On Options

  • Option A (amplitude measurement)
    • Precision rectifier with an accuracy of < 0.1%
    • Sensitivity: 1 VDC / 100 VRF or according to customer's specifications
    • Output connectors: two BNC sockets on the front panel
  • Option R (remote control)
    • Monitoring: amplitude (only with option A) and frequency of the output voltages, supply voltage of the output stage, temperature and other device diagnostics
    • Control: output enable, control of the Device-Link, operation mode switching (auto-tuning ↔ fixed frequency)
    • Connectors: Ethernet, USB and Device-Link on the rear panel
    • This option requires option A.

Case Options

  • Model RFG50T:
    • Bench-top case "Eurotainer"
    • Dimensions: 114.7 × 175.7 × 160 mm³
  • Model RFG50CF:
    • Vacuum flange mounting: DN100CF
    • Direct wiring without cables
    • Dimensions:
      • Height and width: 239.5 mm, depth: 226.5 mm
      • Total height with air filters: 260.5 mm
      • Total width with air filters: 257.5 mm

Connector Options

  • Enable, Monitor, Amplitude (with Option A): BNC (standard), LEMO
  • Bias: BNC (standard, up to 50 V), SHV (up to 5 kV), MHV (up to 2 kV)
  • RF: SHV (standard, up to 5 kV), MHV (up to 2 kV)


User Manual

RFG50CF_3-15_A.pdf RFG50CF_3-15_A.pdf, 362.2 KB: User manual RFG50CF


Preprint.pdf Preprint.pdf, 647.7 KB: Preprint of the Rev. Sci. Instrum. paper Compact Radio-Frequency Power Supply for Ion and Particle Guides and Traps
Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.

#Additional Information


Coaxial cables
BNC, SHV, MHV, and combinations
Interface cables
(Not part of the shipment, please order separately)