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Dual Power Switch 19AMX-200-2EW

Universal Digitally Controlled Dual Analog Switch/Multiplexer for Voltages up to 200 V

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#Switch-Specific Technical Data


  • Two independent, digitally controlled, galvanically isolated electronic analog switches with extra fast driver and liquid-cooled heat sink
  • Channels: 2× 200 V

Switch Channels

  • Maximum voltage across the switches: 200 V (± 100 V)
  • Maximum voltage at any switch terminal with respect to ground: 500 V
  • Internal resistance: 30 Ω typ.
  • Maximum power dissipation per channel: > 250 W

Dynamic Parameters (Socket Output)

  • Maximum operating frequency: > 3 MHz
  • Switching times at nominal voltage without load: < 20 ns, 15 ns typ.
  • Propagation delay: < 70 ns, 65 ns typ.
  • Propagation delay matching: < 2 ns, 1 ns typ.


  • Cooling: liquid-cooled heat sink (option W)

See also

#Power Supply

Double digitally controlled precision linear power supply 2× ±350V/0.5A with a residual ripple and noise of ca. 1 ppm for supplying power switches
Combine this switch with a matching power supply unit:

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