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Modular DAQ System DAS
Experiment Control

Modular Data Acquisition System DAS

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Modular Data Acquisition System DAS
The modular data acquisition system consists of a base unit that can be equipped with a variety of measuring cards. The measurement cards are controlled via UDB, a serial system bus that allows a galvanic insulation of the cards from the system ground.

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#Universal Device Bus (UDB)

System bus to control analog and digital measurement cards.

The measurement cards (UDB modules) are plug-in cards in the standardized Europe format with connectors compliant with DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2. Via the system connector, the UDB modules are connected to the following signals:
  • Power supply for digital circuits
  • Power supply for analog circuits
  • Reference voltage
  • System clock
  • Serial data bus

#Features of the DAS

Simple Data Leads

  • High reliability
  • Simple extendibility
  • Low cost

Stable data transfer protocol

  • Stable and reliable bus function with several controllers and many devices
  • Immunity of the data transfer against external interference fields

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Up to 16 data acquisition boxes with a maximum of 15 measurement cards each can be connected to a single data lead
  • Modules with identical bus addresses can be present in one measurement system; their usage is not restricted in any way and no address configuration is required

Long Data Leads

  • Connections between the control computer and the data acquisition box or between multiple data acquisition boxes can extend over large distances
  • One data lead with a length of 50 m can be used without any performance losses

Usage of Optoisolators

  • Direct galvanic isolation of the modules without any additional control circuit
  • No interference by ground loops
  • Minimization of interference signals
  • Control and data acquisition of modules attached to high potentials

Own Time Base

  • Precise and synchronous function of the digital measurement cards
    (the digital measurement cards represent a complete hardware solution; their function is independent of further data transfer via the system bus and of other system activities)
  • Possibility of an external synchronization by a frequency normal

Expandability by the Customer

  • The Hardware Development Kit offers several universal cards for constructing customer-specific circuits