Serial Windows Utilities

Utility "FlashLoader"

This utility can be used to upload new firmware to our devices. For more information, consult the user manual of the respective device.

Usage: FlashLoader COMNumber [CodeFileName] [switches]
  switch: { -option, /option }
      V, v: verify only, R, r: do not reset the target
      S, s: do not start the flash loader
      M, m: wait for the initialization message from the target
      I, i: do not initialize the target
      R, r: do not reset the target after program/verify
      F, f: force reset the target, must not be used w/ CodeFileName
      L, l: allow to overwrite the FLASH loader
      N, n: allow to overwrite the Info memory
      $ rate: set the baud rate to the specified value, default = 230400 baud
      D, d: debug mode, D: additional I/O debug into Debug.txt

Program CodeFileName via COM1 into a device with a fixed data rate: FlashLoader 1 CodeFileName Program CodeFileName via COM2 into a device with a variable data rate: FlashLoader 2 CodeFileName -$ Program CodeFileName via COM3 and set the variable data rate to 115200 baud: FlashLoader 3 CodeFileName -$115200 Verify CodeFileName via COM4: FlashLoader 4 CodeFileName -v Program CodeFileName via COM5 if the flash loader utility is already active: FlashLoader 5 CodeFileName -i Program CodeFileName via COM6 if the flash loader utility was activated manually: FlashLoader 6 CodeFileName -s Reset the target via COM7: FlashLoader 7 -f Reset the target via COM8 if the flash loader utility remained active: FlashLoader 8 -f -i


FlashLoader_1-20.zip FlashLoader_1-20.zip, 33.3 KB: FlashLoader Utility
Older versions
FlashLoader_1-10.zip FlashLoader_1-10.zip, 31.1 KB
FlashLoader_1-00.zip FlashLoader_1-00.zip, 30.6 KB
FlashLoader.txt FlashLoader.txt, 185 B: Revision History
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