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LAN Drivers
Serial Windows Utilities

Virtual LAN Port Drivers

These drivers are necessary to establish communication with our devices via LAN (Ethernet). The software and the documentation are property of Tibbo Technology Inc., they can also be downloaded here.

#Download (Older Versions)

tdst-5-09-12-x64.exe tdst-5-09-12-x64.exe, 8956 KB: 64-bit Installation Program
tdst-5-09-12-x86.exe tdst-5-09-12-x86.exe, 8649 KB: 32-bit Installation Program
sois_manual.pdf sois_manual.pdf, 7519 KB: User Manual
soi_application-4_00-(EM500EV).bin soi_application-4_00-(EM500EV).bin, 444.2 KB: Firmware Version 4.00
Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.