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Power Supply 19"-PSU200-2D
Double Digitally Controlled Precision Linear Power Supply 2× ±200 V / 0.5 A

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Double digitally controlled precision linear power supply 2× ±200V/0.5A for supplying power switches
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This linear power supply unit can be used to supply our power switches. It contains two independent power supply units that can provide symmetric output voltages. The reference potential (i.e. the output ground at the SHV socket) determining the potential of the trap center must be supplied by an external voltage source. The output current of the power supply unit is electronically limited and its magnitude depends on the output voltage and the heatsink temperature. At the maximum output voltage of ±200 V, an output current of 500 mA minimum can be reached.

The power supply can be remote-controlled by a USB interface. The output voltages and current limits can be controlled with a 16-bit precision. Using the USB interface, the device state can be monitored and the output voltages and currents can be measured. The device settings are stored in a nonvolatile memory and are restored when the device is powered on again. The device output can be disabled by a digital enable signal connected to the BNC socket on the front panel. Please note that devices with a USB interface cannot be controlled manually.

Technical Data


  • Two independent digitally controlled precision linear power supplies


  • Line input: 115/230 V, +10/15%, connector: IEC inlet C14
  • Inrush current limiter


  • Output voltages: 0  +200 V and 0  -200 V, respectively
  • Voltage and current control by 16-bit digital-to-analog converters
  • Maximum output current:
    ±500 mA at maximum output voltage,
    Foldback current limiter reflecting operating temperature and voltage
  • Short-term stability, ripple and noise: <5 ppm, 1 ppm typ.
  • Temperature coefficient of the output voltage: <50 ppm/K, 10 ppm/K typ.


  • Output and sensing terminals:
    8-pin socket Amphenol FLKD-08EGFS-GCP-001
  • Reference potential (output ground): SHV socket
  • Enable input: BNC socket

Remote Control

  • Interface USB 2.0 full speed, connector USB socket type B
  • Functionality:
    Voltage and current control and monitoring, device monitoring
  • Non-volatile memory for restoring last used configuration


  • Case: 19" case "Multipac Pro", 3U, 460 mm, rack-mount
  • Cooling: heatsink on the rear panel, temperature-controlled fans, shutdown at excessive temperature

Additional Information


Digital controller module for double power supply units


USB cable, A plug to B plug, various lengths
(Not part of the shipment, please order separately)