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Pulse Controller Module AMX-CTRL-4ED
Programmable Digital Pulse Controller for Power Switches 19"-AMX

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The pulse controller is a module that can be used to control up to four power switches and seven digital inputs/outputs. It integrates one digital oscillator and four digital pulse generators.

The symmetrical architecture of the pulse generators offers a large variability of configurations. The pulse generators can be chained to produce complex pulse sequences. They can be triggered periodically by the internal oscillator, by an external event, or by the software. Unused channels can be disabled.

Devices containing this module: 19"-AMX400-2ED, 19"-AMX700-1TEDW, 19"-AMX700-4EDWOM, 19"-AMX1500-3ED

Technical Data


  • Control of up to 4 power switches and 7 digital inputs/outputs
  • 1 digital oscillator and 4 digital pulse generators (2 with burst capability)
  • 18 trigger and 20 output sources
  • 16-bit RISC microcontroller running at 16 MHz
  • FPGA clocked with 100 MHz
  • Non-volatile memory (NVM) data space: 16 KB
  • Maximum number of stored user configurations: 126

Pulse Generators

  • Controlled by remote control (see below) or internally by a crystal oscillator (stability: < 25 ppm over full temperature range and over 10 years)
  • Resolution: 10 ns, 32 bits
  • Maximum pulse delay, pulse width or oscillation period: 42.9 s
  • Produce single or periodical pulses or complex pulse sequences
  • Programmable pause for emptying the connected trap
  • External or internal trigger, selectable monitor outputs

Remote Control

  • Functionality:
    • Pulse generator control including software triggering
    • Function programming of the digital inputs/outputs on the front panel
    • Device monitoring: Monitoring of up to 3 temperature sensors, control of up to 3 fans, supply voltage supervision
  • Non-volatile memory for storing device configurations
  • Interface: USB 2.0 or RS-232
  • USB 2.0 full speed, USB socket type B
    • Data transfer rate: up to 12 MBit/s
    • Effective data transfer rate: >100 kBit/s
  • RS-232 interface with all handshake lines
    • Default data rate: 9600 baud
    • Maximum data rate: 230.4 kbaud
    • Communication protocol: 8 data bits, 2 stop bits, even parity

Digital I/Os

  • Programmable as control or trigger inputs or monitor outputs
  • Connectors: LEMO
  • Signal level: TTL, log. 0: 00.4 V, log. 1: 2.45.0 V
  • Input impedance: 50 Ohm or 50 kOhm pull-up to +5 V
  • Output impedance: 50 Ohm


User Manual

AMX-CTRL-4ED_1-00_6.pdf AMX-CTRL-4ED_1-00_6.pdf, 1246 KB: User manual
Older versions
AMX-CTRL-4ED_1-00_2.pdf AMX-CTRL-4ED_1-00_2.pdf, 1204 KB
Manual.txt Manual.txt, 121 B: Manual revision history


COM-HVAMX4ED_1-01.rar COM-HVAMX4ED_1-01.rar, 405.9 KB: Control and diagnostic software
Older versions
COM-HVAMX4ED_1-00.rar COM-HVAMX4ED_1-00.rar, 105.8 KB
Software.txt Software.txt, 157 B: Software revision history
COM-HVAMX4ED-Config_1-01.rar COM-HVAMX4ED-Config_1-01.rar, 3.4 KB: Sample configurations
Older versions
COM-HVAMX4ED-Config_1-00.rar COM-HVAMX4ED-Config_1-00.rar, 1.7 KB


AMX-CTRL-4ED_1-02.txt AMX-CTRL-4ED_1-02.txt, 71.6 KB: Firmware
Older versions
AMX-CTRL-4ED_1-01.txt AMX-CTRL-4ED_1-01.txt, 71.1 KB
AMX-CTRL-4ED_1-00.txt AMX-CTRL-4ED_1-00.txt, 71.0 KB
Firmware.txt Firmware.txt, 296 B: Firmware revision history
Utility "FlashLoader" for flashing the firmware

Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.