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Amplifier Controller HV-AMP-CTRL
Controller Module for High-Voltage Bipolar Power Supplies / Amplifiers With up to 5 Channels and an Optional Current Monitor

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This amplifier controller is intended to manage the operation of up to 5 amplifier channels. Optionally, one channel can be replaced by a high-sensitivity current monitor. The amplifier controller is equipped with a USB and/or a LAN data interface. They allow to transfer measurement and settings data to or from the device and to control it remotely.

The device contains a microcontroller that provides the human interface, controls the USB and LAN data interfaces, and executes several monitoring tasks. It also controls the digital-to-analog converters driving the amplifiers. Additionally, the controller contains monitoring circuits for the amplifiers and the power supplies. They are based on analog-to-digital converters that measure the output and supply voltages. Optionally, one analog-to-digital converter measures the output of the current sensor.

The device monitors an interlock loop that disables the outputs if it is opened. The interlock loop is typically connected to a vacuum controller, it is intended to disable the device if the vacuum pressure exceeds a certain value above which discharges might occur. The connected amplifiers and their power supplies are typically cooled by a heatsink located on the rear panel. The heatsink is passively cooled, the controller unit monitors the heatsink temperature. The connected amplifiers are disabled if the heatsink threatens to overheat or if the temperature sensor fails.

The actual settings of the output voltages and other operation parameters are stored in a non-volatile memory and are automatically restored at the next device startup.

The USB or LAN interface can be used to remotely control the device by simple Windows™ programs. These utilities can also obtain hard copies, i.e. save the current LCD contents to a bitmap file at the host computer. Alternatively, you may write your own user software based on the supplied software interface. Upon request, a software interface for LabVIEW or other development systems is available. The USB interface can also be used to upgrade the firmware.

Devices containing this module: HV-AMP200-4DS, HV-AMP200-5D

Technical Data


  • Control and monitoring of up to 5 amplifier channels
  • Monitoring of amplifier supply voltage and heatsink temperature
  • Operation of an interlock loop
  • Supply voltage supervision
  • Microcontroller: 16-bit RISC running at 16 MHz
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Non-volatile memory (FRAM) to permanently store device settings
  • USB and LAN data interface

Human Interface

  • Monochrome LCD display 128×64 pixels; pixel size: 0.5 mm, pixel color: yellow, background: blue, background illumination: white LED
  • Keypad: 5 keys: 4× direction + 1× "enter"
  • Rotary encoders: 24 positions per revolution, integrated press button
    One encoder located beneath the LCD for general control, up to 5 encoders for direct control of the output voltages
  • Optional external shutdown button via the interlock loop

Digital Interface

  • Interface parameters:
    • Data rate: 230.4 kBaud
    • Data bits: 8
    • Stop bits: 1
    • Parity: even
  • USB interface according to USB 2.0 standard
    • Connector: USB receptacle type B
    • Data transfer rate: up to 12 MBit/s (Full Speed)
    • Effective data transfer rate: >10 kBit/s
  • LAN interface according to Ethernet 10/100BaseT standards
    • Connector: LAN receptacle RJ-45
    • Data transfer rate: 10/100 MBit/s (fast Ethernet)
    • Effective data transfer rate: >10 kBit/s


User Manual

HV-AMP-CTRL_1-10_A.pdf HV-AMP-CTRL_1-10_A.pdf, 518.1 KB: User manual
Older versions
HV-AMP-CTRL_1-00_A.pdf HV-AMP-CTRL_1-00_A.pdf, 499.6 KB
Manual.txt Manual.txt, 137 B: Manual revision history


HV-AMP-CTRL_1-30.zip HV-AMP-CTRL_1-30.zip, 696.0 KB: Control and diagnostic software
Older versions
HV-AMP-CTRL_1-20.zip HV-AMP-CTRL_1-20.zip, 689.8 KB
HV-AMP-CTRL_1-10.zip HV-AMP-CTRL_1-10.zip, 688.9 KB
HV-AMP-CTRL_1-00.zip HV-AMP-CTRL_1-00.zip, 404.4 KB
Software.txt Software.txt, 335 B: Software revision history


HV-AMP-CTRL_1-10.txt HV-AMP-CTRL_1-10.txt, 150.4 KB: Firmware
Older versions
HV-AMP-CTRL_1-01.txt HV-AMP-CTRL_1-01.txt, 150.4 KB
HV-AMP-CTRL_1-00.txt HV-AMP-CTRL_1-00.txt, 150.0 KB
Firmware.txt Firmware.txt, 250 B: Firmware revision history


Further software and drivers can be downloaded here: Serial Windows Utilities

Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.

Additional Information


Coaxial cables
BNC, SHV, MHV, and combinations
USB cable, A plug to B plug, various lengths
Interface card
USB 2.0 interface card
(Not part of the shipment, please order separately)