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Amplifier With Current Sensor HV-AMP200-4DS

High-Voltage Bipolar Power Supply / Amplifier with a High-Sensitivity Current Sensor, 4 Channels, ±200 V

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This high-voltage power supply is a combination of four high-voltage amplifiers and four digital-to-analog converters driven by a controller module. The device is equipped with several analog-to-digital converters for monitoring the output voltages, the power supplies, and the operating temperature. Additionally, a highly sensitive current sensor with a large dynamic range is available for monitoring external currents. The device is built into a metallic 19" case.

The controller module of the device controls and monitors the amplifiers and their power supplies.

The typical output load of the device is an electrode system acting as an electron or ion lens. The output voltages are adjustable in the range of ±200 V. The output current can be as high as 20 mA, which is large enough to drive electrodes that collect high electron or ion currents.

The output channels can be grouped into two pairs to provide a differential control. In this case, the device allows for controlling the mean voltage of each output pair and the voltage difference between the outputs. This is useful if, for instance, the connected electrodes form a deflection electrode system. In this case, the mean voltage determines the focusing properties and the differential voltage controls the deflection.

The integrated current sensor is intended to monitor the ion or electron current on a dedicated electrode. It can be a mesh placed in the particle beam or a Faraday cup located in place of a target. The current sensor can measure currents ranging from less than 1 pA to about 100 µA.

Typical Applications: Driving electron or ion optics, generation of DC offset voltages for quadrupole mass analyzers (e.g. in connection with the modular radio frequency generator), monitoring ion or electron beams

#Technical Data


  • Four-channel high-voltage power supply unit / amplifier for heavy capacitive loads
  • DC accuracy, low temperature coefficient of the output voltage
  • Digital control and monitoring of the output voltages
  • Monitoring of amplifier supply voltage and heatsink temperature
  • High-sensitivity current sensor with large dynamical range
  • Supply voltage supervision
  • Interlock loop
  • Microcontroller-based controller with USB and LAN data interface
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Non-volatile memory (FRAM) to permanently store device settings
  • 19" case

Output Amplifiers

  • Four channels
  • Output voltage: ±200 V
  • Output current: > 20 mA, 23 mA typ.
  • Signal bandwidth (-3 dB): DC–5 kHz typ.
  • Power bandwidth: limited by the output current, > 1 kHz without any load
  • Slew rate: > 8 V/µs without load
  • Output noise: 2.5 mVp-p typ. (DC to 500 kHz), 200 µVp-p typ. (DC to 10 Hz)
  • Output accuracy: < 0.2% (0.1% typ.)
  • Temperature coefficient of the output voltage: < 50 ppm/K (25 ppm/K typ.)

Current Sensor

  • One channel
  • Three measurement ranges: 10 nA, 1 µA, 100 µA
  • Input capacitance: 1 nF
  • Input offset voltage: 100 µV typ.
  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Sampling rate: 2 S/s
  • Analog signal bandwidth (-3 dB): DC–10 Hz typ.
  • Accuracy: < 0.2% (0.1% typ.)
  • Temperature coefficient of the measurement circuit: < 100 ppm/K
  • Measurement noise:
    • 30 fARMS, 100 fApp (range 10 nA, 0 nA input)
    • 400 fARMS, 800 fApp (range 10 nA, 5 nA input)
    • 4 pARMS, 8 pApp (range 1 µA, 0 nA input)
    • 17 pARMS, 30 pApp (range 1 µA, 500 nA input)
    • 500 pARMS, 1.5 nApp (range 100 µA)


  • Interlock loop: BNC socket, short circuit enables the amplifier
  • Overcurrent protection: output current limiter
  • Overtemperature protection: temperature sensor at the heatsink, shutdown at 50 °C


  • Output monitoring:
    • Four 16-bit analog-to-digital converters
    • Sampling rate: 2 S/s
    • Accuracy: < 0.2% (0.1% typ.)
    • Overall precision: < 100 mV
    • Temperature coefficient of the monitoring: < 50 ppm/K (25 ppm/K typ.)
  • Supply voltages
  • Temperature at the heatsink and the CPU
  • Interlock loop

Human Interface

  • Monochrome LCD display 128×64 pixels, pixel size: 0.5 mm, pixel color: yellow, background: blue, background illumination: white LED
  • Keypad: 5 keys: 4× direction + 1× "enter"
  • Rotary encoders:
    • 24 positions per revolution, integrated press button
    • One encoder located beneath the LCD for general control
    • 4 encoders for direct control of the output voltages
  • Optional external shutdown button via the interlock loop

Power Supply

  • Rated voltage: 115/230 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption:
    • Standby (outputs without load): 15 VA
    • Maximum (outputs fully loaded): 40 VA
  • Main fuse: T 2.5 A (115 V), T 1.25 A (230 V), size ø5x20 mm, slow acting
  • Mains connection: IEC inlet with EMC filter and integrated fuse holder


  • Data link:
    • USB receptacle series B, location: front panel
    • LAN receptacle RJ-45, location: rear panel
  • Output: Amphenol MS3102R14S-6S, high-voltage panel receptacle with 6 female sockets, location: rear panel
  • Current sensor: isolated 50 Ω BNC socket, location: front panel
  • Interlock loop: 50 Ω BNC socket, location: rear panel
  • Mains input: IEC inlet, location: rear panel


  • 3 U 19" case:
    • Height: 130.5 mm, width: 428 mm, depth: 280 mm
    • Total height of the front panel: 132.6 mm
    • Total width of the front panel: 482.6 mm
    • Plug-in depth incl. heatsink: 322 mm
    • Total depth with heatsink and handles: 365 mm
    • Cover and bottom panels, side walls, rear panel: passivated
    • Front panel: transparently anodized
  • Heatsink:
    • Black anodized extruded aluminum profile on the rear panel
    • Height: 75 mm, width: 300 mm, depth: 40 mm
  • Operating temperature range: +10 – +40 °C
  • Operating humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Cleaning: only use damp cloth, avoid use of organic solvents


User Manual

HV-AMP200-4DS_1-00_A.pdf HV-AMP200-4DS_1-00_A.pdf, 323.2 KB: User manual
Manual.txt Manual.txt, 52 B: Manual revision history


Further user manuals, software, and firmware can be downloaded here: HV-AMP-CTRL


Further software and drivers can be downloaded here: Serial Windows Utilities

Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.

#Additional Information


Controller module for high-voltage bipolar power supplies / amplifiers with up to 5 channels and an optional current monitor

Shipment Contents

  • High-voltage bipolar power supply HV-AMP200-4DS
  • Line cord (universal IEC mains lead, length 1.8 m)
  • 19" rack mounting hardware (set of 4 screws, cage nuts, and washers)
  • Control and diagnostic software (see above)
  • User manual (see above)


Output cable
Customer-specific output cable with an Amphenol connector MS3102R14S-6S
Interface card
USB 2.0 interface card
  • LAN cable
  • Ethernet switch
(Not part of the shipment, please order separately)