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Power Amplifier HV-PA500-2
Two High-Voltage Power Amplifiers for Driving Piezoelectric Actuators

This device contains two fast high-voltage power amplifiers.

The amplifiers are able to provide an output power of about 500 VA to loads with a significant capacitance. The output voltage is bipolar and ranges from 0 to ±250 V. The output current can continuously reach values of up to 1 A.

Optional monitor outputs allow for controlling the output signal. Phase-accurate voltage or current scanning is available.

The amplifiers and their power supplies are linearly operating circuits. Thus, the emission level of electromagnetic radiation is very low.


User Manual

HV-PA500-2_1-00_A.pdf HV-PA500-2_1-00_A.pdf, 228.6 KB: Download the user manual (currently only available in German)
Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.

Additional Information

Shipment Contents

  • High-voltage power amplifier HV-PA500-2 in a 19" case
  • Line cord (universal IEC mains lead, length 1.8 m)
  • User manual (see above)


Coaxial cables
BNC, SHV, MHV, and combinations
(Not part of the shipment, please order separately)