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Waveform Generator DAFG-1S
Programmable Digital Waveform Generator Module

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This module is used as a part of high-voltage power amplifiers for driving piezoelectric actuators.

The waveform generator can produce preferably harmonic signals or a combination of them in a frequency region of up to several kHz. The signal output can be synchronized with external instruments via the trigger and synchronization inputs.

The device is equipped with an interlock loop that disables and shorts the output of the connected amplifier if it is opened. The device also contains a circuitry that scans the temperature measured by an external Pt1000 sensor.

The waveform generator is equipped with a USB data interface that allows the user to transfer waveform data to or from the device and to control it remotely.

Devices containing this module: HV-PA150-2D, HV-PA550-2D, DAFG-PS4-24V

Technical Data


  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Data rate: 254 S/s  16.7 MS/s
  • Total memory size: 512 KW (= 512 KWords = 1 MB)
  • Memory space for waveform data: 508 KS (= 520192 samples)
  • Waveform size: variable from 2 S to 64 KS (= 65536 samples)
  • Maximum number of stored waveforms: 100
  • Maximum number of stored measurements: 100
  • Trigger: manual / external
  • Trigger delay: 0 ms  6.5 s, settable with a precision of 0.1 ms
  • Smart triggering for selecting the measurement for the next output
  • External synchronization

Human Interface

  • Monochrome LCD display 128×64 pixels; pixel size: 0.5 mm, pixel color: yellow, background: blue, background illumination: white LED
  • Keypad: 5 keys: 4× direction + 1× "enter"
  • Encoder: 24 positions per revolution, integrated press button
  • Press button for amplifier activation
  • Optional external shutdown button via the interlock loop

Digital Interface

  • USB interface according to USB 2.0 standard
    • Connector: USB plug type B
    • Data transfer rate: up to 12 MBit/s (Full Speed)
    • Effective data transfer rate: >100 kBit/s


User Manual

DAFG-1_2-00_B.pdf DAFG-1_2-00_B.pdf, 1239 KB: User manual
Older versions
DAFG-1_2-00_A.pdf DAFG-1_2-00_A.pdf, 1150 KB
DAFG-1_1-70_A.pdf DAFG-1_1-70_A.pdf, 875.2 KB
DAFG-1_1-60_A.pdf DAFG-1_1-60_A.pdf, 1012.4 KB
DAFG-1_1-30_A.pdf DAFG-1_1-30_A.pdf, 901.5 KB
DAFG-1_1-30_0.pdf DAFG-1_1-30_0.pdf, 599.5 KB
Manual.txt Manual.txt, 521 B: Manual revision history


DAFG_2-00.zip DAFG_2-00.zip, 2711 KB: Control and diagnostic software
Older versions
DAFG_1-50.zip DAFG_1-50.zip, 2490 KB
DAFG_1-20.zip DAFG_1-20.zip, 6731 KB
DAFG_1-12.zip DAFG_1-12.zip, 2965 KB
DAFG_1-11.zip DAFG_1-11.zip, 2964 KB
DAFG_1-10.zip DAFG_1-10.zip, 2932 KB
DAFG_1-02.zip DAFG_1-02.zip, 2585 KB
DAFG_1-01.zip DAFG_1-01.zip, 2504 KB
DAFG_1-00.zip DAFG_1-00.zip, 1961 KB
Software.txt Software.txt, 1.2 KB: Software revision history
Waveforms-PS4_1-00.rar Waveforms-PS4_1-00.rar, 76.4 KB: Waveforms


Warning: Please do not upgrade the firmware from the versions 1-xx to 2-xx directly. Additional device-specific calibration values must be uploaded before. Contact us for instructions on how to proceed.

DAFG_2-20.txt DAFG_2-20.txt, 315.8 KB: Firmware for HV-PA150-2D and HV-PA550-2D
Older versions
DAFG_1-70.txt DAFG_1-70.txt, 274.4 KB
DAFG_1-62.txt DAFG_1-62.txt, 267.6 KB
DAFG_1-61.txt DAFG_1-61.txt, 267.6 KB
DAFG_1-60.txt DAFG_1-60.txt, 267.3 KB
DAFG_1-51.txt DAFG_1-51.txt, 258.8 KB
DAFG_1-50.txt DAFG_1-50.txt, 258.7 KB
DAFG_1-41.txt DAFG_1-41.txt, 256.4 KB
DAFG_1-40.txt DAFG_1-40.txt, 259.1 KB
DAFG_1-31.txt DAFG_1-31.txt, 255.4 KB
DAFG_1-30.txt DAFG_1-30.txt, 255.4 KB
DAFG_1-20.txt DAFG_1-20.txt, 229.5 KB
DAFG_1-12.txt DAFG_1-12.txt, 216.2 KB
DAFG_1-11.txt DAFG_1-11.txt, 213.6 KB
DAFG_1-10.txt DAFG_1-10.txt, 212.1 KB
DAFG_1-01.txt DAFG_1-01.txt, 210.9 KB
DAFG_1-00.txt DAFG_1-00.txt, 210.4 KB
DAFG1PS_1-70.txt DAFG1PS_1-70.txt, 261.6 KB: Firmware for DAFG+PS24V
DAFG4PS_2-20.txt DAFG4PS_2-20.txt, 315.7 KB: Firmware for DAFG-PS4-24V
Older versions
DAFG4PS_2-11.txt DAFG4PS_2-11.txt, 311.6 KB
DAFG4PS_2-10.txt DAFG4PS_2-10.txt, 311.5 KB
DAFG4PS_2-01.txt DAFG4PS_2-01.txt, 306.4 KB
DAFG4PS_2-00.txt DAFG4PS_2-00.txt, 305.4 KB
Firmware.txt Firmware.txt, 4.8 KB: Firmware revision history

Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.

Additional Information


Coaxial cables
BNC, SHV, MHV, and combinations
USB cable, A plug to B plug, various lengths
Interface card
USB 2.0 interface card
(Not part of the shipment, please order separately)