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Technical Data (All Channels)

Signal Switch Channels (AMXR)

Universal Digitally Controlled Analog Switches/Multiplexers

Signal switch channels (19" plug-in modules) for modular switch system AMXR

General Technical Data for all Signal Switch Channels


  • Digitally controlled, galvanically isolated electronic analog switches


  • Maximum operating voltages: up to 1.5 kV (3 kV or more upon request)
  • High-voltage isolation (option H) available for all voltages
  • Indicator: multicolor LED
    • Red = output positive, blue = output negative
    • Three-level switches only: green = output middle


  • Control inputs (Sockets In): BNC sockets (LEMO optional)
    • Dual-level switches: 1 control input
    • Three-level switches: 2 control inputs
    • Polarity selection: slide switch(es) inside the module
    • Output resistance: 50 kΩ pull-up against +5 V, termination by 50 Ω connectable via slide switch inside the module
    • Input level: TTL
  • Switch terminals: SHV sockets (MHV, BNC or LEMO optional), galvanically isolated
    • Dual-level switches: 3 switch terminals
    • Three-level switches: 4 switch terminals


  • 19" plug-in modules
  • Height: 3 U
  • Width: dependent on voltage and switch type, starting from 6 HP = 1 slot
    (some modules occupy several slots in the base unit)

Equivalent Circuits

Dual-level switch:

  • Equivalent circuit of one two-level channel
  • Vneg ≤ Vout ≤ Vpos must be fulfilled at all times (even when the switch is deactivated)

Three-level switch:

  • Equivalent circuit of one three-level channel
  • Vneg ≤ Vout ≤ Vpos and Vneg ≤ Vmid ≤ Vpos must be fulfilled at all times (even when the switch is deactivated)
When a channel is deactivated, all relay contacts are opened. The dual-level switch therefore has 3 and the three-level switch has 4 possible states.

See also

  • Technical data specific to each signal switch channel: see sidebar menumenu at the top of the page The menu shows all currently available channels. If you are interested in a channel with different parameters, do not hesitate to contact us.