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Pulse Controller

Pulse Controller PULS-CTRL24

Programmable Digital Pulse Controller: 32 bits, 24 channels (19" Plug-in Module)

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This module requires a base unit with pulse controller. Please contact us for more information.
The pulse controller PULS-CTRL24 produces 32 digital output signals that can be used to control up to 6 signal switches, 5 digital I/O modules with 4 outputs each, and 6 monitor outputs on the controller's front panel. The device integrates one digital oscillator and 24 digital pulse generators.

The digital oscillator provides a 10 ns wide pulse at its output at the end of the programmed period.

The pulse generators are triggered by a trigger input and produce a pulse with a specified width after a specified delay. For the trigger input, any output of the pulse generators, the oscillator, or the first channels of the I/O modules can be selected. The trigger input can also be controlled via software.

The pulse generators can be chained to produce complex pulse sequences. They can be triggered periodically by the internal oscillator, by an external event, or by the software. Unused channels can be disabled.

Each of the 32 outputs can be configured in a similar way to the trigger inputs of the pulse generators. The output may be permanently set to 0 or 1, connected to the software trigger signal, to the output of the oscillator, to the external trigger source, or to the pulse generator.

The controller also provides control signals for auxiliary power supplies of the signal switches.

Please note that the pulse controller requires a modified base unit. In this case, the used switch modules must be equipped with the option D which enables the switch control via the rear-side connector.

Additional options: The module can be modified upon request to enable additional functions, e.g.:
  • Pulse generators with burst function
  • Digital counters
  • Pulse generators for a different number of switch channels and digital I/Os

#Technical Data


  • 24 digital pulse generators, 1 digital oscillator
  • Generates single pulses, periodical pulses and pulse sequences
  • Control of 6 signal switches and 5 digital I/O modules
  • Resolution: 10 ns, length: 32 bit (maximum pulse delay, pulse width or oscillation period: up to 42.9 s)
  • 6 monitor outputs (connectors: LEMO, signal level: TTL, output impedance: 50 Ω)
  • 32 trigger and 32 output sources

Software and Data Storage

  • Configuration controlled by software
  • Non-volatile memory (NVM) data space: 256 KB
  • Maximum number of stored configurations: 500
  • Software package contains utilities for data transfer and upgrading the firmware

Digital Interface

  • USB interface (USB 2.0 standard) for data transfer and remote control
  • Connector: receptacle USB-2.0 type B
  • Data transfer rate: up to 12 MBit/s (Full Speed)
  • Effective data transfer rate: >100 kBit/s


User Manual

PULS-CTRL24_1-00_1.pdf PULS-CTRL24_1-00_1.pdf, 447.7 KB: User manual
Older versions
PULS-CTRL24_1-00_0.pdf PULS-CTRL24_1-00_0.pdf, 310.5 KB
Manual.txt Manual.txt, 121 B: Manual revision history


PULS-CTRL24_1-00.txt PULS-CTRL24_1-00.txt, 44.7 KB: Firmware
Firmware.txt Firmware.txt, 62 B: Firmware revision history


Further software and drivers can be downloaded here: Serial Windows Utilities

Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.