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Counter 200 MHz


Counter, 200 MHz, 32 Bit, 1 Channel

Measuring card for counting digital pulses and, in combination with a programmable timer, for time and frequency measurements.

The counter has a signal and a gate input. It counts pulses on the signal input while the gate input is active. The gate input can be enabled or activated by the computer.

A measurement can be made once (one pulse on the gate input) or repeatedly (every pulse on the gate input). The counter can be reset at any time, or several measurement sequences can be added up, in which case the interim results can be queried at any time as well.

#Technical Data

  • One 200 MHz 32-bit counter
  • Connectors: 50 Ω BNC sockets
  • Input level: TTL / 5V CMOS
  • Input impedance: 47 kΩ + switchable 50 Ω pull-up resistors
  • Pulse width on the inputs: > 2 ns
  • Permissible slope on the inputs: < 5 ns/V
  • Polarity of the signal input: positive or negative (computer-controllable)
  • Gate input: active at log. 1, and/or computer-controllable
  • Measuring sequence: single or repeated measurements
  • Counter length: 32 bit (i.e. a maximum of 232-1 = 4,294,967,295 pulses per measurement)
  • Overflow: Signalized starting from the 231 = 2,147,483,648-th pulse