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Modular RF Generator RFG-M
RF Generators

Modular Radio Frequency Generator RFG-M

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Modular radio frequency generator for supplying capacitive loads such as ion guides and ion traps as well as quadrupole mass analyzers
The modular radio frequency generator in an electromagnetically sealed 19" case can be used to supply capacitive loads, most notably ion guides and ion traps as well as quadrupole mass analyzers.

The generator produces two sinusoidal output voltages with a 180° phase shift in the Megahertz range with which the connected load can be supplied exactly symmetrically. The symmetry of the output voltage can be manually set using a rotary variable capacitor.

The frequency of the output voltage is fixed according to the customer's requirements, but can be changed by switching out the exchangeable RF power stage. The amplitude of the output voltages can be manually adjusted or remote-controlled via a 10 V port.

Two BNC inputs are available to control the DC offsets of the output voltages. With the DC offsets being independently adjustable, a connected multipole can be operated as a mass filter and the potential can be varied on its axis.

By default, the device is equipped with a module for precision measurement of the output voltage and its symmetry. It has two analog displays and two analog outputs. Via these 10 V ports the amplitude of the output voltages can be monitored or a computer control loop can be implemented.
Key features:
Frequencies Exchangeable, 0.1–10 MHz
Output power 50 W
Output voltage amplitude 0–500 V typ.

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Base Unit

Base Unit RFG-B (Modular Radio Frequency Generator RFG-M)

RF Power Stages

RF Power Stage 0.5MHz (Modular Radio Frequency Generator RFG-M)
RF Power Stage 1.0MHz (Modular Radio Frequency Generator RFG-M)
RF Power Stage 2.0MHz (Modular Radio Frequency Generator RFG-M)
General information regarding all power stages: see » RF Power Stages
RF power stages for other frequencies and amplitudes are available upon request.

Amplitude Control

HV Control (PSU30-5) (Modular Radio Frequency Generator RFG-M)

Amplitude and Symmetry Measurement

HV Monitor RMS2-2 (Modular Radio Frequency Generator RFG-M)

Power Supply Units

Power Supply Module PSU8+2-1 (Modular Radio Frequency Generator RFG-M)
Power Supply Module PSU±5±15-1 (Modular Radio Frequency Generator RFG-M)


User Manual

Beschreibung-1.10.pdf Beschreibung-1.10.pdf, 1671 KB: Download the user manual (currently only available in German)
Older versions
Beschreibung-1.01.pdf Beschreibung-1.01.pdf, 1674 KB
Beschreibung-1.00.pdf Beschreibung-1.00.pdf, 1651 KB


Preprint.pdf Preprint.pdf, 647.7 KB: Preprint of the Rev. Sci. Instrum. paper Compact Radio-Frequency Power Supply for Ion and Particle Guides and Traps
Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.

#Additional Information

Ports and Controls on the Front Panel

Front panel HV Monitor PSU ±5V, ±15V HV Control PSU +2V, +8V RF Power Stage
Front panel HV Monitor PSU ±5V, ±15V HV Control PSU +2V, +8V RF Power Stage

Shipment Contents

  • Base unit, by default equipped with:
  • Power cable (cold-device cable, length: 1.8 m, color: black)
  • Output cables (2× coaxial cables with low capacitance, 50 Ω MHV plug, length 1.5 m *, capacitance ca. 70 pF)
  • Mounting materials for mounting in a 19" rack (2× cover panels to modify the base unit for mounting it in a 19" rack, 4× M6 screws with washers and cage nuts)
  • Artificial load for setting up the generator (2×, connector: MHV socket, capacitance: 50 pF *)
  • Set of high-voltage capacitors to tune the operating frequency of the RF power stage (capacitances: 10, 15, 22, 33 and 47 pF * — two of each, maximum voltage: 3 kV)
  • Replacement fuse 5×20 mm, T 1.25 A or T 2.5 A
  • User manual (see above)
* or according to customer specifications