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Base Unit

Base Unit RFG-B
Base Unit for the Modular Radio Frequency Generator

The base unit of the RF generator RFG-M is modular, the individual components can easily be modified when necessary. The device is built into a standardized 19" case with 6 height units.

Technical Data


  • Input voltage: 230 V or 115 V, ±10% (voltage selection switch optional)
  • Nominal frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 150 VA, 55 VA typical
  • Fuse: T 1.25 A for 230 V, T 2.5 A for 115 V
  • Mains connection: cold-device plug with interference filter
  • Mains transformer: secondary winding: 2×37 V~, nominal power: 120 VA, type: toroidal transformer
  • Capacitances of the RF connectors: 15 pF each to ground


  • Cooling: forced ventilation, 1 fan on the rear panel, 2 fans inside the case
  • 19" system enclosure 6 U, either as a tabletop unit or for mounting in a 19" rack
  • Color:
    • Side panels: black
    • Top and bottom panels: silver-gray
    • Front and rear panels: naturally anodized
    • Labeling: engraving colored in black
  • Dimensions (width × height × depth):
    • Without handles and feet: 448 × 266 × 380 mm³
    • Total height with feet: 280 mm
    • Total depth with handles and feet: 433 mm
  • Weight: 8.75 kg

Simplified Scheme of the Base Unit

Scheme PSU ±5V, ±15V HV-Monitor HV Control PSU +2V, +8V RF Power Stage
Scheme PSU ±5V, ±15V HV-Monitor HV Control PSU +2V, +8V RF Power Stage