HV Monitor

HV Monitor RMS2-2
Module for Measuring Amplitude and Symmetry

This module contains two identical attenuators and precision rectifiers which measure the amplitude of the output voltages of the power stage. The readings are made available via a 10 V port: The output voltage at the BNC socket Amplitude equals one percent of the mean value of the amplitudes of both RF output voltages, the output voltage at the BNC socket Balance equals one percent of the difference between both amplitudes.

Additionally, two moving-coil instruments are available on the front panel of the module: The top instrument displays the amplitude of the output voltage in Volts, the bottom one shows the relative deviation of the amplitudes, i.e. half the quotient of the output voltages at the BNC sockets Balance and Amplitude.

Technical Data


  • Amplitude of the input voltages: max. 1000 V (max. 700 V for guaranteed linearity of the measurement)
  • Capacitances of the RF inputs: 6 pF each to ground


  • Display: two moving-coil instruments (Precision: 2%)
  • Precision of the symmetry display (Balance): < 3% (1% typ.)
  • Precision of the zero display: 0.3% typ.


  • Signal outputs: two 50 Ohm BNC sockets
  • Output level: 1% of the mean of, or 1% of the difference between the amplitudes of both RF output voltages
  • Output voltage: nominal ±10 V, or 0  +10 V (min. ±12 V)
  • Output current: max. ±10 mA
  • Short-circuit resistance: duration of short circuit not limited
  • Precision of the attenuators: < 1% (100 kHz  3 MHz)
  • Bandwidth of the rectifiers: 80 Hz  40 MHz (-3 dB) (at maximum input voltage)
  • Low-frequency precision of the output voltages: < 0.8% (0.1% typ.)
  • Output offset voltage: < 50 µV
  • Rectified noise voltage at the output: < 2 mV


  • Metallic 19" rack cassette
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 19 TE
    • Height: 3 HE
    • Insertion depth: 167 mm
  • Color:
    • Front panel: naturally anodized
    • Case: transparently passivated
  • Weight: 0.9 kg

Scheme of the Module