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Signal Switches AMXT

Signal Switches AMXT

Universal Digitally Controlled Analog Switches/Multiplexers

On these pages and in the sidebar menumenu at the top of the page you can find various configuration examples of our signal switches AMXT. Customization options are available here.
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#Product Range

Up to 500 V

Dual Switch AMXTE500-2
Triple Switch AMXTE500-3
Quadruple Switch AMXTEF500-4

Up to 1.5 kV

Quadruple Switch AMXTE1500-4

Multiple voltages combined

Quadruple Switch AMXTE500-2+1500H-2

#More Options

If you are interested in a device with different parameters, you can configure a custom switch AMXT here:

Custom device »
Alternatively, our signal switches are also available as modular devices with up to 24 switch channels.

#About AMXT

These signal switches combine several digitally controlled electronic analog switches in a single device.

The function of each switch channel corresponds to a conventional electromechanical relay, but the switching times are in the nanosecond range and the digital control inputs have a high input impedance. Similarly to an electromechanical relay, the control inputs are galvanically isolated from the signal lines, but they are galvanically connected to the device case.


  • Designed for driving small loads
  • Control of ion optics, e.g. entry or exit electrodes of ion traps, differential lenses, or BNGs (Bradbury-Nielsen gates)
  • Drivers of piezoelectric and electromagnetic valves or small motors