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Fast Quintuple Switch 19AMX-800-5FD

Universal Digitally Controlled Quintuple Analog Switch/Multiplexer for Voltages up to 800 V With Digital Controller
(Special Design for Mounting Inside a Vacuum Chamber)

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#Technical Data


  • Five independent, digitally controlled, galvanically isolated electronic analog switches (signal switches) with pulse controller
  • Channels: 5× 800 V with fast drivers
  • System consists of:
    • Control: modular main device in a 19" case
    • Switches: PCB for mounting inside a vacuum chamber

Switch Channels

  • Maximum voltage across the switches: 800 V
  • 3 channels for positive voltages: rising edge < 3 ns
  • 1 channel for positive voltages: rising and falling edge < 4 ns
  • 1 channel for negative voltages: rising and falling edge < 4 ns

Pulse Controller

  • Controls 10 output channels and 3 DACs
  • Time resolution: 5 ns (coarse), 0.5 ns (fine)
  • Non-volatile memory for storing device configurations
  • Interface: USB for remote control and programming


Main device

19-AMX800-5FD_1-00_2.pdf 19-AMX800-5FD_1-00_2.pdf, 889.5 KB: User manual
Older versions
19-AMX800-5FD_1-00_1.pdf 19-AMX800-5FD_1-00_1.pdf, 420.9 KB
19-AMX800-5FD.pdf 19-AMX800-5FD.pdf, 18236 KB: 3D view
19-AMX800-5FD_Meas-2019-11-01.pdf 19-AMX800-5FD_Meas-2019-11-01.pdf, 188.4 KB: Measured waveforms

Pulse controller

PULS-CTRL10_1-00_4.pdf PULS-CTRL10_1-00_4.pdf, 631.3 KB: User manual
Older versions
PULS-CTRL10_1-00_3.pdf PULS-CTRL10_1-00_3.pdf, 655.3 KB
PULS-CTRL10_1-00_2.pdf PULS-CTRL10_1-00_2.pdf, 605.4 KB
PULS-CTRL10_1-00_1.pdf PULS-CTRL10_1-00_1.pdf, 450.2 KB
PULS-CTRL10_1-00.rar PULS-CTRL10_1-00.rar, 164.1 KB: Control software
PULS-CTRL10_1-00.txt PULS-CTRL10_1-00.txt, 318.2 KB: Firmware


Front-side modules

HV-AMP-2PD_1-00.pdf HV-AMP-2PD_1-00.pdf, 2703 KB: HV-AMP-2PD: High-voltage amplifier / adjustable PSU 0 – +800 V, 2 channels, 3D view
HV-AMP-1ND_1-01.pdf HV-AMP-1ND_1-01.pdf, 2289 KB: HV-AMP-1ND: High-voltage amplifier / adjustable PSU 0 – -800 V, 1 channel, 3D view
OUT-DIG32_1-00.pdf OUT-DIG32_1-00.pdf, 3620 KB: OUT-DIG32: Digital output with interlock, 3D view
OUT-HV5_1-00.pdf OUT-HV5_1-00.pdf, 1985 KB: OUT-HV5: HV output with interlock and voltage monitoring, 3D view
PULS-CTRL10_LV-PSU+5+3V_1-01.pdf PULS-CTRL10_LV-PSU+5+3V_1-01.pdf, 5130 KB: Control unit, 3D view
Older versions
PULS-CTRL10_LV-PSU+5+3V_1-00.pdf PULS-CTRL10_LV-PSU+5+3V_1-00.pdf, 9244 KB

Consisting of:
PULS-CTRL10_1-00.pdf PULS-CTRL10_1-00.pdf, 6153 KB: PULS-CTRL10: Controller with CPU and FPGA, 3D view
LCD128x64+Keypad_1-20.pdf LCD128x64+Keypad_1-20.pdf, 815.8 KB: LCD128x64+Keypad: Board for LCD and keypad, 3D view
LV-PSU+12+5+3V_1-00.pdf LV-PSU+12+5+3V_1-00.pdf, 1881 KB: LV-PSU+12+5+3V: Digital PSU +12 V, +5 V, +3 V, 3D view

Rear-side modules

HV-RECT800_1-00.pdf HV-RECT800_1-00.pdf, 937.9 KB: HV-RECT800: High-voltage rectifier 800 V, 3D view
HV-PSU-800_1-00.pdf HV-PSU-800_1-00.pdf, 1987 KB: HV-PSU-800: High-voltage PSU 800 V, 3D view
AV-PSU-15,5V_1-00.pdf AV-PSU-15,5V_1-00.pdf, 1475 KB: AV-PSU±15±5V: Analog PSU ±15 V, ±5 V, 3D view


19-AMX800-5FD-BP-F_1-00.pdf 19-AMX800-5FD-BP-F_1-00.pdf, 3290 KB: 19-AMX800-5FD-BP-F: Front side, 3D view
19-AMX800-5FD-BP-R_1-00.pdf 19-AMX800-5FD-BP-R_1-00.pdf, 999.0 KB: 19-AMX800-5FD-BP-R: Rear side, 3D view
BP-CL2_1-00.pdf BP-CL2_1-00.pdf, 1145 KB: BP-CL2: Inrush current limiter, 3D view

Vacuum hardware

AMX800-5FD_1-00.pdf AMX800-5FD_1-00.pdf, 1685 KB: 3D view

Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.