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Amplifier With Waveform Generator HV-AMP400FN-2D

2-Channel High-Voltage Precision Amplifier for Supplying a Paul Trap

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2-channel high-voltage precision amplifier for supplying a Paul trap
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This waveform generator is a combination of two fast high-voltage amplifiers, one high-voltage offset amplifier, and a programmable digitally controlled waveform generator.

The amplitude of the two output channels is freely variable up to 400 V. Since both channels use the same waveform generator, the amplitude is the same on each output.

The offset of the output voltages is adjustable in the range of ±400 V.

#Technical Data

Inputs and Outputs

  • 2 SHV sockets for the high voltage
  • Up to 4+4 BNC sockets for the trigger inputs and outputs
  • 1 BNC socket for the interlock loop

Integrated Waveform Generator

  • Resolution: 16 Bit
  • Data rate: 254 S/s – 16.7 MS/s
  • Total data memory size: 1 MW (= 2 MB)
  • Waveform size: variable from 2 S to 64 KS (= 65536 Samples)
  • Maximum number of waveforms: 100


  • Two channels
  • Output voltage: > ±400 V + > ±400 V offset
  • Max. output current: ca. 20 mA per channel
  • Small signal bandwidth: ca. 3 MHz
  • Power bandwidth: > 100 kHz
  • Absolute amplification accuracy at low frequencies: < 1000 ppm
  • Temperature coefficient of the gain at low frequencies: < 10 ppm/K


  • 6 U 19" case
  • Cooling:
    • Heatsink on the rear panel
    • Forced cooling via two fans
  • Mains connection: 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz



Further user manuals, software, and firmware can be downloaded here: DAFG-1EO

Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.

#Additional Information


Programmable digital waveform generator module with extraction and offset control