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Amplifier HV-AMP200N-1

Precise Amplifier ±200 V

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This plug-in module contains one precision high-voltage amplifier. The amplifier outputs a 20× amplification of the input voltage. The amplifier is extremely low-noise and DC accurate. It can drive high capacitive loads without any stability problems.

The DC accuracy and the extremely low noise predestine the module for the amplification of output signals of precise D/A converters. The high signal-to-noise ratio of about 125 dB can only be fully utilized with converters with a resolution of more than 20 bit.

Typical Applications: Control of piezoelectric elements for nano-positioning, control of electrostatic lenses and deflection systems

#Technical Data


  • Precise high-voltage amplifier
  • DC accuracy
  • Extremely low noise
  • Short-circuit proof
  • 19" plug-in unit


  • Connector: 50 Ω BNC socket
  • Input voltage: ±10 V max.
  • Input impedance: 1 MΩ parallel to 40 pF


  • Connector: 50 Ω BNC socket
  • Amplification: –20
  • Output voltage: > ±200 V
  • Output current: ±200 mA max.
  • Short-circuit proof: max. short-circuit duration 5 s
  • Bandwidth (-3 dB): DC–10 kHz, internally adjusted
  • Power bandwidth (sinusoidal output: 400 Vpp): 650 Hz typ., 130 Hz typ. for a capacitive load of 1 µF
  • Output offset voltage: < 100 µV
  • Noise (DC–500 kHz): 30 µVeff, 250 µVpp typ., < 300 µVpp
  • Accuracy of the amplification at low frequencies: < 0.2% (0.1% typ.)
  • Temperature coefficient of the amplification at low frequencies: < 50 ppm/K (25 ppm/K typ.)

Power Supply

  • High voltage: ±215 V, 200 mA max.
  • Low voltage: ±15 V, 25 mA max.


  • Metallic 19" plug-in unit
  • Dimensions: width 11 HP, height 3 U, insertion depth 167 mm
  • Cooling: passive heat sink on the side wall of the plug-in unit
  • Weight: 0.8 kg


User Manual

Beschreibung-1.20_B.pdf Beschreibung-1.20_B.pdf, 517.0 KB: Download the user manual (currently only available in German)
Older versions
Beschreibung-1.20_A.pdf Beschreibung-1.20_A.pdf, 465.0 KB
Information on how to open the various file formats can be found here.

#Additional Information

Shipment Contents

  • Power Amplifier HV-AMP200N-1
  • User manual (see above)


Power Supply Modules OF-PSU and OF-PSU-B
Precision open-frame power supplies
Coaxial cables
BNC, SHV, MHV, and combinations
(Not part of the shipment, please order separately)