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Modular DAQ System DAS
Data Acquisition

Modular Data Acquisition System DAS

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Modular Data Acquisition System DAS
The data acquisition system consists of a base unit that can be equipped with a variety of measuring cards. The measurement cards are controlled via UDB, a serial system bus that allows a galvanic insulation of the cards from the system ground.

All components

Universal Device Bus (UDB)

System bus to control analog and digital measurement cards.

The measurement cards (UDB modules) are plug-in units in the standardized Europe format with connectors compliant with DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2. The UDB modules are connected via the system connector to the following signals:
  • Power supply for digital circuits
  • Power supply for analog circuits
  • Reference voltage
  • System clock
  • Serial data bus

Features of the DAS

Simple Data Leads

  • High reliability
  • Simple extendibility
  • Low cost

Stable data transfer protocol

  • Stable and reliable bus function with several controllers and many devices
  • Immunity of the data transfer against external interference fields

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Up to 16 data-acquisition boxes with a maximum of 15 measurement cards each can be connected to a single data lead
  • Modules with identical bus addresses can be present in one measurement system; their usage is not restricted in any way and no address configuration is required

Long Data Leads

  • Connections between the control computer and the data-acquisition box or between several data-acquisition boxes can extend over large distances
  • One data lead of 50-m length can be used without any performance losses

Usage of Optoisolators

  • Direct galvanic isolation of the modules without any additional control circuit
  • No interference by ground loops
  • Minimization of interference signals
  • Control and data acquisition of modules attached to high potentials

Own Time Base

  • Precise and synchronous function of the digital measurement cards
    (the digital measurement cards represent a complete hardware solution; their function is independent of further data transfer via the system bus and of other system activities)
  • Possibility of an external synchronization by a frequency normal

Expandability by the Customer

  • The Hardware Development Kit offers several universal cards for constructing customer-specific circuits