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D/A and A/D Converter


Digital-to-Analog Converter, 12 Bit, 1 Channel + Analog-to-Digital Converter, 10 Bit, 4 Channels, Optoisolated

Card for controlling devices on high potentials.

The measuring card consists of a digital-to-analog converter which generates a voltage programmable by the control computer in a range of 0 to +10 V. The card also contains four analog-to-digital converters.

Three channels are intended for measuring the voltage, one channel measures the current: One channel monitors the voltage generated by the digital-to-analog converter, the other two measure voltages on the BNC input sockets. The voltage ranges are 0 to +10 V and 0 to -250 V. The fourth channel measures current in a range of 0 to +25 mA.

The inputs and outputs of the measuring card are galvanically isolated from the rest of the data acquisition system by optoisolators.

Upon request, the measuring card can be configured for other voltage and current ranges.