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Logic Array


Programmable Logic Array, 4 Channels

Programmable logic array, 4 channels, for the modular data acquisition system DAS
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Card for controlling measurements, determining the state of a measurement and, together with a programmable timer, generating measurement sequences.

The card consists of four identical channels which generate four output signals from four input signals. Each channel fulfills the logical function Y = A·B + C·D, where the symbols A through D represent the input and output signals or their negations. The respective output signals can also be negated. The measuring card can thus fulfill a variety of logical functions or act as a sequential circuit (a latch).

The logical levels of the input and output signals can be determined via the UDB interface. Furthermore, each input of the measuring card can be configured to be controlled via the UDB interface. In this case, the corresponding input socket can be used as the output of this control signal.

The function of the measuring card is defined by jumpers.