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Programmable Timer, 20 MHz, 15 Bit, 2 Channels

Programmable timer, 20 MHz, 15 bit, 2 channels, for the modular data acquisition system DAS
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Plug-in card for controlling measurements and, together with a programmable logic array, for creating measuring sequences.

The timer card consists of two identical independent channels. Each channel can be triggered by its trigger input or by the control software. The presence of a predefined signal slope on the trigger input releases an output pulse of a programmable duration. The pulse starts and ends synchronously with the clock signal, so that a high reproducibility is guaranteed even with the longest pulses. The pulse duration and its stability are given by the quartz-controlled UDB clock generator.

The output signal is present in the form of positive and negative pulses simultaneously. The trigger inputs and the outputs of both channels are connected to the LEMO sockets of the plug-in card. The two channels of the timer card can be internally or externally coupled in order to produce pulses temporally shifted with respect to the trigger signal.

#Technical Data

  • Two 20 MHz 15-bit timers
  • Adjustable output pulse width: 400 ns – 1600 s (for the clock frequency of 10 MHz)
  • Time resolution: 15 bit (12 bit mantissa + 3 bit exponent)
  • Trigger: hardware / software
  • Active signal slope: rising / falling (computer controlled)
  • Allowable rise and fall time on the trigger input: < 100 ns/V
  • Output signal: positive and negative pulses
  • Pulse width on the trigger input: > 15 ns
  • Clock frequency: < 20 MHz
  • Connectors: 50 Ω LEMO sockets
  • Input and output signal level: TTL / 5V-CMOS
  • Input impedance: 47 kΩ + switchable 50 Ω pull-up resistors
  • Maximum output current: 100 mA