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Bus Interface

Optoisolated Bus Interface for 15 UDB Modules

Optoisolated Bus interface for 15 UDB modules for the modular data acquisition system DAS
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Bus interface card for usage in the base unit of the data acquisition system.

The card provides an interface between a control computer and the UDB modules and a quartz-controlled clock generator for the UDB system.

The data line from the control computer is galvanic isolated from the data-acquisition system by optoisolators. This design reduces the risk of ground loops and substantially suppresses the influence of the noise from the control computer.

The bus-interface card can control up to 15 UDB modules. In extensive measurement systems, the interface cards can be cascaded. Up to 16 base units with one interface card each can be connected to a single data line from a control computer. Thus, a single data line can control up to 240 UDB modules.